Source code for mdit_py_plugins.wordcount

import string
from typing import Callable, List

from markdown_it import MarkdownIt
from markdown_it.rules_core import StateCore

def basic_count(text: str) -> int:
    """Split the string and ignore punctuation only elements."""
    return sum([el.strip(string.punctuation).isalpha() for el in text.split()])

[docs]def wordcount_plugin( md: MarkdownIt, *, per_minute: int = 200, count_func: Callable[[str], int] = basic_count, store_text: bool = False, ) -> None: """Plugin for computing and storing the word count. Stores in the ``env`` e.g.:: env["wordcount"] = { "words": 200 "minutes": 1, } If "wordcount" is already in the env, it will update it. :param per_minute: Words per minute reading speed :param store_text: store all text under a "text" key, as a list of strings """ def _word_count_rule(state: StateCore) -> None: text: List[str] = [] words = 0 for token in state.tokens: if token.type == "text": words += count_func(token.content) if store_text: text.append(token.content) elif token.type == "inline": for child in token.children or (): if child.type == "text": words += count_func(child.content) if store_text: text.append(child.content) data = state.env.setdefault("wordcount", {}) if store_text: data.setdefault("text", []) data["text"] += text data.setdefault("words", 0) data["words"] += words data["minutes"] = int(round(data["words"] / per_minute)) md.core.ruler.push("wordcount", _word_count_rule)